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Artikler: I Do The Show Just For You

I Do The Show Just For You

Musik: Torben Lendager - Tekst: Poul Dehnhardt

Eighty miles an hour
rollin' down the highway again
maybe to your city babe
driving through the falling rain
I gotta get myself together again
I gotta get up and say
"Wow, it's nice seeing you again"

I love you, I do
baby, it is true,
honey I do
I do the show just for you, I do

What's the next city, babe
San Francisco, London or Rome
honestly it does'nt matter
let me pack up and go home
Still I get up on the stage again
I gotta smile and I'll say
"Hey what a nice place you've got here"

I love you, I do...

When the show is over
I'm thinking of the love I lost
and I cannot help but wonder
Is it really worth the cost?
Next day, I'm on the stage again
I'll look happy and say
"Without you, I would be nothing at all"

I love you, I do